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M is for Melanin

I am super excited to work with Hear Our Voices Book Tours to write a review for the book M is for Melanin. This book was amazing, and there needs to be more books like it. It was great seeing characters that looked like me and shared similar physical features. Especially because as a young child, it was rare that I could find characters in stories that I can relate to. Because of this, I would highly recommend others read this book too. 

Book: M Is For MelaninAuthor: Tiffany RosePublisher: Little Bee Books Date Published: October 1, 2019Genre: Children's Picture Book
Book SynopsisM Is for Melaninis an empowering alphabet book that teaches kids their ABCs and celebrates Black children!M is for Melanin
shining in every inch of your skin.
Every shade, every hue.
All beautiful and unique.Each letter of the alphabet contains affirming, Black-positive messages, from A is for Afro, to F is for Fresh, to W is for Worthy. This book teaches children their ABCs while encouraging them to lov…

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